Product Safety Information

Children Product Certificates


Romper M2110 | Blue, Mustard

Ruffle Tiered Dress J2101 | Blue, Pink

Long Sleeve Dress J2102 | Blue, Pink

A Line Dress BWM 2111 | Blue, Pink

Collar Dress BWM 2112 | Check, Red Floral

Tiered Dress BWM 2113 | Blue, Mustard

Tiered Dress BWM 2114 | Green, Yellow Floral

Shorts BWM 2115 | Green, Offwhite 


Hair Bows & Headbands

2021 Hair Bow Clips

2021 Hair Bow Headbands


August 2021

 Bubble Romper AWM2101 | Offwhite Floral, Clay, Bloomer AWM2102 | Offwhite Floral, Clay, WhiteBaby Jumper AWM2103, Baby Pants AWM2104 | Green, Plaid, Blue StripePinafore Skirt AWM2105 | Green, ClayLong sleeve Top AWM2106 | Yellow Floral, BlushRuffle Top AWM2107 | Offwhite Floral, Olive Print, Vintage PrintCollar Dress AWM2108 | Yellow, Blue, Collar Dress AWM2109 | Orange, Dark Pink, Pleat Dress AWM2110 | Clay, NavyCollar Dress with Long Sleeves AWM2111 | Blush, Pale Yellow FloralA Line Dress AWM2112 | Brown Paid, Navy, Olive Print, Ruffle Sleeve Dress AWM2113 | Handblock, Yellow FloralCollar A Line Dress AWM2114 | Brown Plaid, Vintage PrintPuff Sleeve Dress AWM2115 | Yellow, Vintage Print, Hand block print, Ruffle collar dress AWM216 | Orange, Dark PinkPlaid Dress AWM2117 | Green, Rust Floral, Holiday Double Tone Dress AWM2118, Collar short sleeve top AWM2119 | Navy, Yellow, Long Sleeve Top AWM2120 | Blue Stripe, White, Long Sleeve Collar Top AWM2121 | Blue, Clay, Skirt AWM2122 | Green, Green Plaid, Brown PlaidSkirt AWM2123 | Orange, Dark Pink, Shirt AWM2124 | White, Blue Stripe



 December 2021/ Summer 2022

SS2201    SS2202    SS2203    SS2204    SS2205    SS2206    SS2207    SS2208    SS2209    SS2210    SS2211    SS2212    SS2213    SS2214    SS2215    SS2216    SS2217    SS2218    SS2219    SS2220


Fall/ Winter 2022

AW2201    AW2202    AW2203    AW2204    AW2205    AW2206    AW2207    AW2208    AW2209    AW2210    AW2211    AW2212    AW2213    AW2214    AW2215    AW2217    AW2218    AW2219    AW2220    AW2221    AW2222 HB2201


Spring Summer 2023

BWRC21H1  BWRC21L1  BWRC21V1  BWRC21C1  BWRC21B1  BWRC21S1  SS2301  SS2302  SS2303 SS2304  SS2305  SS2306  SS2307  SS2308  SS2309  SS2310  SS2311  SS2312  SS2314  SS2315  SS2316  SS2317  SS2318  SS2319  SS2320


Fall/ Winter 2023

AW2301    AW2302    AW2303    AW2304    AW2305    AW2306    AW2307    AW2308    AW2309    AW2310    AW2311    AW2312


Spring/ Summer 2024

SS2401  SS2402  SS2403  SS2404  SS2405  SS2406  SS2407  SS2408  SS2409

Sizing Guide


Our garments are cut to fit the larger size in the dual size range.  The table below provides size guidelines.  Note that these measurements refer to body measurements and not clothing measurement.  

Beet World Size Chart



From top of head to the ground

Around the chest just below the under arms

Around the narrowest part of the waist

Inside Leg
Inside of the leg to the ground

If you have any questions regarding sizes please don’t hesitate to email us at info@beet-world.com. We are happy to help.