Autumn Colors: Warm & Bright and for Good Reason Too

September 30, 2019

Autumn Colors: Warm & Bright and for Good Reason Too

Even though it’s been chilly for a few weeks in the Northwest, we are only now welcoming Fall with the green of the spring and summer giving way to gorgeous hues of yellow, orange and red.   And just as we are starting to add cinnamon and cloves to our cooking, we are also loving the mustards, browns and reds in our wardrobes. 

Fall is the time for rich colors – shades of orange, yellows, browns and reds – colors that evoke joy, happiness and positivity.  Ever wondered why Autumn comes in as if on cue and envelopes us in this cocoon of warmth – could it be nature’s way of an energy boost to prepare us for the us for the cold, long winter nights to come?  

Research suggests that may be the case– psychologists believe that the heavy visual contrast, saturated colors and brightness – all characteristics of Fall – are perceived by our brains as something exciting.  We view it as a signal to something meaningful, something bigger.  Which is why a walk outside in the Fall can feel therapeutic – the color and scenery helping divert attention away from our daily routines. 

To make the most of this short season, we are making sure we get ample time outside this time of the year to soak in the bright scenery.  And we hope you are able to do the same too!  We wish all our families a magical Fall season, lots of time spent outdoors savoring this special time of the year and multitude of warm colors to bid a joyful adieu to summer and welcome in a cozy winter!

Happy Autumn!

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