The Magic of Play

October 23, 2018

The Magic of Play

It is no secret that play is the language of children.  Numerous studies have shown that children develop social, cognitive and communication skills while at play.  One lovely depiction of this is the 1560 painting by Flemish painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder – Children’s Games – where scholars have identified 80 different games that the children are seriously engaged in! 

The same goes for spending time outdoors.  We all know and understand being with nature is beneficial for children’s health and emotional development.  Time outdoors with friends encourages creativity, builds friendship, helps physical development and helps learn risk taking (yeah…that branch looks flimsy!) 

A recent paper published by the University of British Columbia caught my eye that further underscores our need to get outdoors everyday.  The study found that children who play outside are more likely to have a connection to and engagement with nature as they become young adults.  This seems obvious, of course, but sometimes we need a large study to tell us what is good for our bones may also be what the future of our planet depends on! 

At Beet World we are passionate about celebrating childhood, childhood adventures and being close to nature.  It’s a philosophy we try and embrace in what we do from the inspiration of our fabrics to the use of sustainable materials in our clothes and packaging.  So as we get into Fall weather, here’s wishing everyone beautiful little adventures outdoors, pocketful of treasures, muddy hands and healthy smiles!  And finally, here’a a video from our AW18 shoot – no script, just the magic that happens when children play!

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Sizing Guide


Our garments are cut to fit the larger size in the dual size range.  The table below provides size guidelines.  Note that these measurements refer to body measurements and not clothing measurement.  

Beet World Size Chart



From top of head to the ground

Around the chest just below the under arms

Around the narrowest part of the waist

Inside Leg
Inside of the leg to the ground

If you have any questions regarding sizes please don’t hesitate to email us at info@beet-world.com. We are happy to help.